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The American Rally Association National Championship Series is the premier stage rally championship in the United States. Seven historic events from coast to coast challenge the best competitors in the country to high speeds, technical corners, and long distance jumps. From open plains and high deserts, to lake country and deep woods, the rally action visits some of the most gorgeous regions around. Teams from Subaru Rally Team USA, Team O'Neil Motorsports, Honda Performance Development, and DirtFish Motorsports compete alongside the fastest privateers around to be the best and win their classes in the ARA National Championship Seri

New England Forest Rally

Since 1994 the forest roads of Maine and New Hampshire have come alive with rally cars in the summer. The New England Forest Rally and it's predecessor, the Maine Forest Rally, see competitors weave through forests and around secluded lakes along the border of Maine and New Hampshire. The stages at NEFR vary in character, some are straight and fast, while others are tight and twisting. Though one thing is constant to all of them, hills and jumps. NEFR has cars see more total airtime than anywhere else on the calendar. Jumps over crests, jumps under braking, jumps leading directly into sharp corners. NEFR challenges teams to controlled flight.

Sno*Drift Rally

Located in the northern reaches of Michigan's Lower Peninsula near three of the Great Lakes, Sno*Drift Rally is aptly named thanks to its near guarantee of snow or ice. Regarded as one of the more challenging rallies of the year, the conditions at Sno*Drift frequently change from lake effect snow to packed snow, wet snow, dusted ice, or sheet ice. While the weather makes for a tough challenge on its own, the rally ups the ante thanks to tire regulations. Unlike at winter rallies north of the border, studded tires are disallowed in Michigan, limiting the maximum grip available to competitors. A unique approach to driving is necessary for success at Sno*Drift.

Oregon Trail Rally

First run in 1984, the Oregon Trail Rally lives up to the challenges of its namesake. Competitors battle the twisting roads of Portland International Raceway and in the high-desert plains more inland along Columbia River Gorge. High speeds, long jumps, and deep water crossings separate teams from victory. The action starts on multi-surface stages at Portland International Raceway. The fan-favorite venue brings Stage Rally to the city in a spectator friendly environment. On Saturday the rally moves to the steep hills near Goldendale, Washington. Day 2 of OTR sees a few more tarmac stage miles, featuring the historic Maryhill Loops Road. Laid down in 1911 as a test road by the famous Sam Hill, Maryhill is almost perfectly built for racing thanks to its near constant exciting corners and elevation changes. On Sunday, OTR crosses the Columbia River into the wide sweeping plains of Dufur, Oregon. The rally gets fast on these flowing roads and even sees teams ford a river at race pace. Sunday also features the Boyd Jump, a chance for drivers to fly 120ft or more.