“I later became more interested in equal rights for women in the work place because of what was happening at IBM. One of the women at Remington Rand had previously been a system service girl for IBM during the war. After a system was installed, a system service girl would go out and show the users how it worked. She was the liaison between the users and the computer company. She was married and had been fired to make room for a returning veteran. When the war ended, IBM rehired all of its former employees who had left to join the military, then fired all of the married women with jobs that could be filled by men.” ― Jean Jennings Bartik
-> In the Biography, you will find a short explanation of her life and work.
-> In the Technique, you will find a page about The Eniac, her creation.
-> In the Fun Fact category, you will find somme tricks about the idea of the Eniac creation. This thing is a big monster of connexion and butons.