Ma galerie de peinture moderne

Mathilde Van Lierde

Who's afraid of blue,red and yellow

Barnett Newman,1967

Movement suprematist square

Kasimir Malevitch, 1920

Construction No. 127 (Two Circles)

Alexander Rodtchenko, 1920

Suprematist story of two squares

El Lissitzky, 1922

Lignes en quatres directions

Sol Lewitt, 1983

Homage to the Square : Autumn Climax

Joseph Albers, 1964

Composition with Red, Blue, and Yellow

Piet Mondrian, 1930

Arcs in four Directions

Sol Lewitt, 1999

Untitled (Red, Orange)

Mark Rothko, 1968


Mathilde Van Lierde, 2020