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European Network of Master Studies in Photography

Davide Meneghello. Again He Holds Me by the Hand

Davide Meneghello’s practice is based on appropriation and re-contextualization of archival material and found photographs. In his process-based work, he explores the inherited meaning and the shifting boundaries of the photographic message in relation to historical narratives.

In his recent series Again He Holds Me by the Hand he reflects on queer history, unveiling same-sex intimacy and homoerotic imagery hidden in documents sourced from the Library of Congress and the Florida State Archives. The process of de-codification of the historical records, part of the installation, is promoted through different strategies of making, all addressed to highlight the intimate gestures discovered to the viewer’s gaze.

In Wrestler the intimate bounding of the subjects is marked and exposed through the fragmentation, selection and re-disposition of a single image on the wall, maintaining the proportion of the original negative and deleting the fragment’s surrounding. While in the work Sailor this practice of visual re-interpretation is obtained through the division of the full photograph in a triptych, and the detachment of their core parts to achieve a ’peep-hole’ effect on the selected area.

Thorough the re-contextualization and the alteration of the original documents in the new exhibition context, Davide’s practice is interested in how each photographic surface can acquires different connotations from its original function, promoting a shifting content of the photographic message and a new historical interpretation.

In dialogue with the work is exhibited a vitrine displaying a vernacular collection of photographs, portraying homosocial intimacy; this records are left untouched due to their nature of personal memories.